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Experiences of an expert Wrong Fuel Engineer - Wrong Fuel Specialists
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Experiences of an expert Wrong Fuel Engineer

June 5, 2017

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The job of the wrong fuel engineer needs dedication, punctuality, knowledge and skill to understand the vehicle condition, quickly and take immediate action. As a wrong fuel technician, you should always stay attentive 24/7 and 365 days a year to deliver the best services to your customers. Working for a wrong fuel recovery company that offers skilled, fast and reliable services to their customers, I would like to share my experiences regarding a few of the wrong fuel mistakes I have come across.

On a rainy Thursday, I received a call from Mrs John enquiring about putting the wrong fuel in her petrol Nissan. She told me that she had mistakenly put Diesel in her Petrol Car and would the damage mean she needed a new engine? She was extremely worried after reading an article about a similar situation on line which was highly expensive.

Firstly, I told her not to get panic. Then I discussed the problem with her in more detail. I reassured her and advised her not to start the car’s engine or move/drive a car further. I took the car make, model and the amount of wrong fuel put in the tank. I reached her location within half an hour and even though she had driven a couple of miles, with complete fuel drain and flush fuel system, her car was back on the road within an hour. I also completely examined the Nissan for any component damage, but found everything was in perfect working order. Mrs John was extremely pleased as she needs to urgently reach the office on the first day of her new job. Fortunately she reached the office on time and send Wrong Fuel Specialists a special thanks message for providing a fast professional and trustworthy services.

In another instance, I received a call from a Dr. Robin who was experiencing problems with his Diesel BMW in Sheffield. He had put petrol in his diesel car and got stuck on his way to the hospital. Dr Robin need to reach the hospital on time to attend outpatient’s appointments. He had found our website online and was impressed with the professionalism of our operative. I attended his call and reassured him he would reach his destination on time. Within 45 minutes I had completed the wrong fuel recovery and received thanks from Dr. Robin that he reached the hospital before his scheduled appointments.

If You Need Expert Assistance for Petrol in a Diesel Car or Diesel in a Petrol Car, our skilled wrong fuel technicians are experts in solving wrong fuel mistakes any time, night or day we are hear 24/7/365.  Just Call us on 07702 806511 to get fast, responsive and affordable services

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