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It’s all about the Fuel Drainage, when you put the Wrong Fuel in Your Vehicle

August 12, 2017

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When people mistakenly put wrong fuel in their vehicle such as petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car, you need to call a wrong fuel specialist, who provides reliable wrong fuel recovery solution to prevent your vehicle from further damage. When putting the wrong fuel in your car, it requires fuel drainage as soon as possible because contaminated fuel may damage your car. Many people ask about the fuel drainage process when they make an inquiry to get assistance for wrong fuel recovery.

Know about Fuel Drain – Removing Wrong Fuel from Your Vehicle

A fuel drain in an essential process that require removing contaminated or wrong fuel from your vehicle and disposing of it. If you haven’t driven your vehicle, the fuel drain process is relatively simple, just remove the contaminated fuel from the fuel tank directly through the filler neck. However, there are some difficulties in this process such as inaccessibility of fuel tank through the filler neck, anti-syphon system of your vehicle as well as an extra fuel tank, how to drain out and manage the contaminated fuel and several others factors. As the many makes and models of vehicles are all different and the complexities are different with each vehicle types.

If you have driven your vehicle using the wrong fuel, it requires the entire fuel system; including fuel lines, fuel tanks, injectors, pumps and filters will to be flush properly to remove the wrong fuel from and put the correct fuel in. When you put diesel in a petrol car, it requires cleaning the engine to remove the wrong fuel that also sticks on the spark plugs.

After removing the contaminated fuel from your vehicle, it needs to safely stored in a tank and follow the stringent environmental guidelines. Importantly the driver cannot carry contaminated fuel with him/her after removing it through the fuel drain process as it is considered as hazardous chemical.

Thus, when you put the wrong fuel in your car, it is necessary to call a reliable and experienced wrong fuel specialist. If you are looking for an affordable wrong fuel specialist in the UK, call us on 07702 806511 to get immediate 24/7/365 services for any of your emergency breakdown. For more information about our service, write us at


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