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Identify the Symptoms of Wrong Fuel in Your Car

April 20, 2017

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Although, mis-fueling or wrong fuel is a common mistake, it can irreparably damage your vehicle if taken the right steps aren’t taken immediately. Many car drivers only realise the mistake after their vehicle get damaged due to filling up of wrong fuel. Here, in this blog, we would like to discuss the key symptoms due to putting the wrong fuel in your car. Mis-Fuel or wrong fuel is, when you place diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel car. Even many experienced car drivers make this simple mistake as we are all so busy, distracted with other things and on autopilot when we fill up the car.

Common Symptoms of Wrong Fuel

Here are some wrong fuel symptoms that help you to identify your mistake.

Problem Starting the Engine – Diesel engines gets affected quickly compared to petrol engines. Hence, when you fuel petrol in a diesel car, you will find black smoke caused by un-burnt fuel and then you will experience stalling and sluggishness.

Release of Abnormal Smoke – If you find an unusually large quantity of abnormal smoke from your car, it might be a one of the symptoms of wrong fuel. Incompatible fuel sometimes works properly in the beginning, but later, starts serious damaging to your vehicle.

Engine Cuts Out, suddenly – Once you fuel your vehicle with the wrong fuel, your car suddenly stop just after leaving the fuel station. You might think that everything was ok before when you started the engine but then find that it suddenly it stops. The wrong type of fuel immediately affects your car engines. Petrol in a Diesel car affects immediately compared to diesel in a petrol car, which can take a little longer. Thus, you should take action as soon as you realize your mistakes.

In any of the situations above, once you realize that you have made the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in your tank, do not start your car and call the wrong fuel specialist as soon as possible. With the help of the Fuel Recovery expert, you can prevent your car from long term damage. If you need the immediate assistance of Wrong Fuel Specialist in UK for any vehicle at your location, 24/7/365 call 07702 806511 to get an immediate and expert services for your wrong fuel recovery.

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