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Important Tips for Car Maintenance for All Drivers - Wrong Fuel Specialists
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Important Car Maintenance Tips Useful for All Drivers

July 14, 2017

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When it comes to driving any vehicle it is important for drivers to keep their vehicle up-to-date by servicing it on a regular basis. It is also important to read the car’s handbook/computer and learn the basic vehicle checks. There are technical as well as non-technical information available. You should follow your car manufacture’s advice for servicing your car. Many cars are now digital and let you know the schedule to servicer and when something need attention.

Here, we provide important tips for car maintenance.

Make a regular check

  • Never ignore even a small problem, for instance your car brakes seems less effective or your engine isn’t running smoothly. Ignoring such problems sometimes creates an unnecessary breakdown.
  • Check your fuel gauge.
  • Check your car tyres regularly. Remember, any damage or scratch or even inadequate pressure may cause an emergency breakdown.
  • Also check your car battery. If you have problems starting and your battery is under warranty period, they will check it for free. In other cases, you need to check whether it requires recharging or replacement.
  • Remember always take care you don’t put the wrong fuel in.

Need to Check Weekly

  • Check your car tyre pressure every two weeks as well as the general tyre condition. Also ensure the tread is legal (require a minimum of 1.6 mm). Ensure tyre pressure when you carry some extra load. Also check the pressure in spare wheel. Ensure to have a toolkit and a jack, in case you need to change a car tyre.
  • Check for any damage on the windscreen, any chip or crack. It is easiest if repaired sooner rather than later. Ensure you have a top up bottle of your windscreen washer handy, as well as deicer in winter.
  • Wipe your car lights and wash windows regularly and ensure functionality of bulbs for safety purpose.


Make a Monthly Check

  • Oil is really important. Make sure your car engine level is between the minimum and maximum marks using the dipstick. You need to check the level of oil prior to any long journey or every two weeks. If you put the wrong fuel in your car, call Wrong Fuel Specialists immediately to prevent long term damage.
  • Check the cooling system for enough liquid. In summer and winter, use antifreeze in the mixture to protect from frost damage or overheating.
  • In order to prevent smearing, replace your windscreen wipers, annually
  • Keep your car in a good clean condition.

If you have any emergency breakdown or put wrong fuel in your car, call 07702 806511 to get the best, prompt and most reliable services anywhere and anytime in the UK.

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