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What You Need to Know When Driving with Petrol in a Diesel Car

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Nowadays mis-fueling is a common mistakes made by even the most experienced drivers. This easy mistake is on the increase with more drivers on the road, coupled with the increased popularity of diesel cars in recent years. Most drivers won’t realize their mistake straight away when they have put the Wrong Fuel in Car. Of […]

Expert Guidance from Wrong Fuel Specialists for Mis-fueling in your car

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A Guide on Mis-fueling on your Petrol/Diesel Car With more and more vehicles (cars) on today’s road there is a constant increase in the number of vehicle breakdowns, accidents, puncture and other problems. One major problem that is emerging these days is a wrong fuelling which becomes a major cause for vehicle breakdown. First of […]

Wrong Fuel Specialist for your Car

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Have you put the wrong fuel in your car? A very basic question that fills you with dread! But do not panic, our mobile wrong fuel recovery specialists are ready, at your service, whenever and wherever you need them. What happens when you put the wrong fuel in your car? → your car may not […]

Wrong Fuel Specialists wishes you all a very Merry Christmas

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As the holiday season fast approaches, we are all busy preparing for the big day. None more so than Santa’s elves, who have already began loading his sledge! The season brings along with it; celebrations, trips, parties, gathering joy and lots more. Christmas shopping and socializing often means more driving; short trips, long drives, visiting […]

Wrong Fuel Recovery – Diesel/Petrol Car Engine

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Ever wondered what would happen if you would put petrol in a diesel car? Or diesel in a petrol car? Well, before I tell you the science behind what happens, you should definitely be prepared for a shock! To explain things simply, let me enlighten you with some basic properties of petrol and diesel before […]

Wrong Fuel in Diesel Car

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Wrong fuel specialists helping a couple go on there holidays after they had put petrol into their diesel.

Wrong fuel recovery specialist uk

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Wrong fuel specialist helping another business to get to his customers to do his gardening whilst the sun was shining Save

Wrong Fuel Drain Service in UK

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A lovely lotus which needed a fuel drain done by wrong fuel specialist Save

Filled the car with wrong fuel what to do ?

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If you are unfortunately enough to put the wrong fuel in your car, Don’t Panic! You are among 150,000 other UK drivers who filled up with the Wrong Fuel each year. Get in touch with us as soon as you realise your mistake and we will do the hard work for you. Our Wrong fuel […]

Further Expansion Success for Wrong Fuel Specialists

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Wrong Fuel Specialists is pleased to announce that it has expanded its 24/7/365 emergency call-out services to cover the Yorkshire region. The firm has successfully secured the expert services of another experienced mobile fuel technician, Nick Smith. Nick has more than five years’ industry experience and will be covering the Yorkshire area; from Leeds, Bradford […]