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Wrong Fuel in Car Warrington? Best Wrong Fuel Recovery Service UK
OPEN 24 HOURS CALL NOW! 0770 280 6511 (calls charged at local rate)

Wrong Fuel Recovery Warrington

Put the wrong fuel in your vehicle?

Don’t panic and call us now for a free quote on 07702 806511.

Emergency call-out 24/7/365, from as little as £95. We aim to be with you in 40 minutes and have you back on the road within ½ hour.

Welcome to Wrong Fuel Specialists Warrington. We provide the best wrong fuel recovery service in Warrington. We have a team of licensed, mobile wrong fuel experts who provide emergency call-out in your area 24/7/365. And of course our highly trained wrong fuel specialists are fully qualified and insured.

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car, van or motorbike in Crew, don’t panic! If you haven’t already done so, do not start your engine and call to speak to one of our Wrong Fuel Specialists. If you have started your vehicle’s engine, don’t worry. Find a safe place to pull over and switch the engine off. Rest assured that in 99% of all wrong fuel mistakes there is no permanent damage to the car’s engine, once one of our wrong fuel experts has drained the contaminated fuel. If you have accidentally put petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car in Warrington, Wrong Fuel Specialists is the cheapest and quickest recovery service that will get you back on the road, with quality guaranteed. No need to worry about towing, expensive garage fees or insurance excesses. We will come to you and do the job immediately – For less than you’re insurance excess! Call us now for a free, no obligation quote on 07702 806511

  • Emergency call-out 24/7/365.
  • Wrong fuel recovery from £95.
  • We aim to be with you in 30 minutes and have you back on the road in half an hour.
  • What’s more we offer a Wrong Fuel No fix No fee service!

If you have put Diesel in a Petrol car or Petrol in a Diesel vehicle then our Warrington wrong fuel removal experts provide a fast, efficient and quality wrong fuel recovery service at very low prices. We are on your doorstep and only a phone call away. We guarantee a quality, professional, competitive and fast emergency call-out service. Don’t delay – call the wrong fuel experts on 07702 806511 for a no obligation quote or download the new Wrong Fuel app. Are you running a Warrington business which has a vehicle fleet or a Warrington petrol station? If so we would like to talk to you about our corporate wrong fuel removal account. It will save you time, money and we even offer your staff friends and family discount. Call us today about your wrong fuel solutions on 07702 806511 or email us at info@wrongfuelspecialists.co.uk

Don’t delay – call the wrong fuel experts on 07702 806511 for a no obligation quote.

Warrington Case Studies

We got a call from a man whose Audi A5 wouldn’t start after he came out of the Halliwell Jones Stadium because he had filled up before going to watch Warrington v Wolves. He hadn’t realised he had put the wrong fuel in when he had filled up at the petrol station near to the stadium. When he realised what he had done he thought his car would be ruined until he phoned Wrong Fuel Specialists who reassured him on the phone that we would be able to sort out his car and get him back on the road again. He couldn’t thank us enough and said the feeling when is car started up was better than the feeling an hour ago when he had watched the Wolves beat Wigan Warriors.

We were just driving away from the Esso Petrol station in Wilderspool Causeway, when our Honda Civic started to lose power. It’s then I realised I had put petrol instead of diesel in it. Wrong Fuel Specialists sent a technician who drained the unleaded from the diesel tank and flushed the engine thoroughly, then reset the engine management system as it had gone into limp mode. Thanks for a super service

What our Warrington customers say


I thought it was going to cost thousands when my car cut out. I’d put a full tank of the wrong fuel in my Ford Focus. I called Wrong Fuel Specialists and they sorted it out for £140 – what a relief.


" Wrong Fuel Specialists is proud to support Homeless and Cancer Charities "