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Wrong Fuel Specialist for your Car

January 23, 2017

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Have you put the wrong fuel in your car? A very basic question that fills you with dread! But do not panic, our mobile wrong fuel recovery specialists are ready, at your service, whenever and wherever you need them.

What happens when you put the wrong fuel in your car?
→ your car may not start and there may be serious damage if immediate steps are not taken to safely conduct fuel drainage.
→ Some vehicles may suffer emission problems after putting wrong fuel in diesel car, due to contamination of the sensors and controls. Use our wrong fuel recovery experts to get these problems resolved. Even if you have put diesel in a petrol car, don’t worry our wrong fuel call out is the best and most cost effective way to resolve such issues.

Wrong fuel in your car? Don’t panic, Wrong Fuel Specialists services are only a phone call away.
According to research as many as 150,000 drivers in UK mis-fuel each year. It’s a costly mistake, which can even result in a new engine and fuel system replacement – ouch. We at Wrong Fuel Specialists have our technicians fully licenced and trained on all vehicle makes and models including;



One of our technicians can get to you within the hour and quickly drain your tank, without the inconvenience of being without a car and paying extortionate garage charge. So if you do get stuck, we are just one phone call away. Call us on: 07702 806511 (charged at local rate.)

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